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Company Values

Customer Priority

When meeting a customer, the main priority for Menards Construction is to carefully understand the desires and vision of the customer for their project. Our goal is to realize those desires by maintaining clear communication throughout the planning and building process, creating customized designs that hold true to the customer's values, and considering every aspect of the process from protecting their home to being sensitive to their personal needs.

Budget Sensitivity 

From start to finish, it is our goal to work closely with customers on their budget, seeking to practically attain their aspirations while realistically protecting their resources. We ask pointed questions to assist our customers in evaluating and utilizing their resources to the best possible end. Furthermore, our work is executed with a view to excellence at the detail level, desiring to protect our customers from future costs for corrections or redoing work on their home.

Carpenter Measuring Wood
Quality Craftsmanship

Throughout the building or remodeling process, we give extensive attention to creating a home for our customers that exudes durability in its structure and beauty in its cosmetic design. We use the best quality materials possible for each individual project in order to yield the best results, and our workers employ a meticulous style of labor that consistently enables us to aim to do the work well and to "do it right".  

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