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Our History

Menards Construction developed as an outflow of a passion for design, custom work, and building that has been in the heart and mind of owner and founder James Menard for over 20 years. James' history in the construction business began as an employee in a contracting business that specialized in remodeling homes. It was in this context that he became skilled in the many trades required for home building, particularly in the arena of finish work, and was inspired to start something on his own. Officially founded in 2001, Menards Construction served the Pensacola, FL area until 2003, when James moved his family and company to the Knoxville/Maryville area of East Tennessee where he currently builds and remodels.


One of James' greatest joys is family, and so he seeks to orient not only his business, but also his work around the value of family and the context where families grow - their homes. Consequently, the aim of Menards Construction is not just to construct houses where people live, but rather build homes that families will love to live in - homes designed and tailored specifically to the values and visions of the owner. Having worked alongside his father and other familiy members for 20 years, James also seeks to integrate his own family into the business, teaching and training the next generation to enjoy these trades and skills, and maximizing the opportunities and benefits that the business provides.

By extension, the Menards Construction family includes all of its customers, and so we invite you to join the family! We would love to hear about your desires and aspirations for your home, and it would be our privilege to bring your ideas and visions to life!

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