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Cabinet Refinishing 

Welcome to Menards Construction's company division for refinishing cabinets. Our goal is to provide beautiful refinishes of exceptional quality to any original cabinets, creating an elegant and fresh new look while eluding the expense of a full remodel in your kitchen or bathroom. We aim to enhance the inherent beauty of your home, and with a few key adjustments, transform plain and mundane to stunningly new. We provide a variety of services with the objective to give your cabinets a fresh new look that suits your vision for your home!

Our services and alterations include:

  • ​Repainting

  • Minor Cabinet Repair

  • Adding Trim

  • Changing Knob Locations

  • Glazing

  • Distressing

  • Adding a Backsplash

Menards cabinet refinishing process includes:

Our method for cabinet refinishing prioritizes your home. As a rule, we ensure that your counters and floors are protected before work begins, and throughout the project we maintain a clean and smoke-free work space. While we do not strip and restain cabinets, we will degrease and clean your cabinets before applying the first coat of quality Block Out primer. The cabinet boxes are painted in place, while the doors are moved off-site where your alterations and quality finish coat are added. With every step, we maintain a detail-focused approach, securing the next level of elegance not just for your cabinets, but for your home.

 If you are interested in a cabinet refinish by Menards Construction, just let us know what your ideas and preferences are by filling out our form! This gives us the opportunity to learn a little bit about your project before giving you a call to discuss the specifics. 

Click HERE to fill out our form!

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